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Calf Guard

What is a Calf Guard?calf guard

A Calf Guard is a one piece compression garment designed for the lower leg. It is also commonly known as a leg sleeve. Calf guards make use of compression to provide increased support and blood flow to the leg it is applied to. The increased blood flow due to the calf flow means benefits to runners, cyclists, triathletes, and athletes of all support. By increase blood flow, the calf guard decreases recovery time. Therefore, a calf guard allows you to take your training to the next level, pushing the envelope. Delayed Muscle Onset Soreness (DOMS) is also reduced with the use of the calf guard.

Calf guard may also be used by those suffering from shin splints. Read how a calf guard is able to help alleviate shin splints.

Who do we recommend?

We recommend starting your search for calf guards at Their site is filled with great information about what to look for in a calf guard and additional information about compression technology.